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Reduced Materials (Front Cover)

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Reduced Materials (Insert / Notes)

Instigator -
Reduced Materials EP

2008, PYLBUG / Noise Throng [Chicago, IL]

Selections from Instigator's 2002 debut, Used Materials, are revisited on the fifth anniversary of the album's digital release in 2003. Careful reductions in program length unearth and enhance the song structures, and a strategic price reduction (it's FREE) make Reduced Materials the perfect companion to Used Materials, as well as a fitting farewell to the Instigator moniker.

01 Reforestation (Berry Jungle)
02 Recognition (Depress And Enter)

03 Requisition (High-Style Takeover)
04 Reevaluation (Hydrocodonarcotica)
05 Reinfestation (Miracle Earworm)
06 Recollection (Okanna Borra)
07 Resignation (Panhandler)
08 Reiteration (Poh Sukumer Vidro)
09 Remodellacion (Puerto Reconditioned)

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Only available online: Reduced Materials EP (High-Quality 320 kbps MP3s plus album art in a .zip archive).

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